Welcome to the practice of 
Ranjit Rao - Urologist


Mr Rao evaluates and treats all general urological problems and his special area of interests are robotic prostate surgery; laparoscopic surgery; and laser stone and prostate surgery.
He stays up to date with current practices by attending international conferences as well as local multidisciplinary meetings and seminars. He sees private and public patients and aims to expedite all new referrals.
He is a keen promoter of Health and Wellness and writes a daily blog at drrao.com.au. He is a publised author of "Meditation and Martini-the subtle cocktail of balance".
Mr Rao sees working as a surgeon as a privilege and is committed to providing excellent patient care on every level. His caring approach is appreciated by patients and their families.

Dr Ranjit Rao

Specialising in:

•  PSA Evaluation and Prostate Cancer

•  Da Vinci Robotic Prostatectomy

•  Laparoscopic Surgery

•  Laser Stone and Prostate Surgery

•  General Urology


Consulting at:

•  Epworth Hospital Richmond

•  The John Fawkner Hospital, Coburg

•  NorthPark Hospital, Bundoora

•  Sunbury Private Hospital, Sunbury

•  Gisborne Medical Centre, Gisborne  

•  Foster Hospital, Gippsland



Green light laser

  Medical Secretary - Daniella Daniella

  Daniella is your contact person for any question or enquiries related to your  

  urological care. Anything that she can not help you with will be directed to Mr Rao.


  She has worked in the medical field now for more than ten years and brings great

  enthusiasm, professionalism and care to the practice.


  Daniella also has a great understanding of general practice and the private health

  industry. Daniella is more than happy to answer all consulting, operative and  

  costing questions or concerns.






Viv  Administrative Assistant - Viv 

  We welcomed Viv to Rao Urology in October 2014 in a part time capacity.

  She brings with her comprehensive administration skills particularly in the                            

  medical field having worked in varying specialties, general surgery and practice.


  Her portfolio includes the practice’s Health and Wellness component of which Mr    

  Rao is a keen promoter.


  Viv will assist with any enquiries regarding your urological care in regards to  

  admission, billing, and post operative follow up.






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